It has been a longtime wish of mine to bring COMMUNITY here, where we practice greater inclusivity, share our gifts, and how we are doing our Positive Life. Imagine if we started collaborating and sharing more broadly and freely what excites us, and what we want to offer to others – how this ripples into an abundant world - Nature’s Principle - where scarcity cannot exist -  thereby radically changing how we do business -  Business + Integrity + Doing No Harm = a beautiful Earth.


Giving Back to a beautiful Earth. 
I wanted to have a place to share my work and the exercises I have developed that have helped many of my couples and individual clients since I cannot always work with every person who reaches out to me. These power-truth® exercises are designed to be used by anyone, especially those on the personal growth journey.

How to use this page

I know that not everyone can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on coaching or therapy sessions, which is why I wanted to offer my exercises here for free or by donation. I hope that you will peruse this page and find something that resonates with you in some way, perhaps inspires a new way of seeing, meets you at your growth readiness, and, most of all, gives you one good reason to never give up on living your power and truth -what I call power-truth®                           

Where to Start

"When to choose Plan B" is a great exercise to start trying. My clients tell me that this exercise has helped not let life's unexpected interruptions hijack their mood. When something does not go as planned, we often think, for example, "the day is ruined," causing us to spiral into a negative mindset. This exercise can help you to "grab reality by the horns!"-and have a healthier relationship with that which can feel "uncomfortable" and "unlikeable"-rather than becoming tangled up in it. It's worth the download. 🙂

**I ask that integrity be upheld when using my exercises, understanding you are downloading copyrighted material, to give appropriate credit if you are sharing these exercises with others (including coaches, therapists, healers, etc.).

When to Choose Plan B - A power-truth® exercise to help you develop a high tolerance for daily interruptions and unforeseen challenges, with the confidence that you can still have sovereignty over your life - and your mind - regardless of any seemingly "external enemy" sabotaging your day.

What have you learned to make OK - what's your "ok-barometer"? Do you know? It starts at the micro-level: What you had to make ok in your early childhood years to survive. Try this exercise to help renegotiate what you learned to make ok so that you only answer to yourself.

Have you tried a micro-date? Here are fourteen ways to stay connected to your partner even when you are met with the familiar feeling of "there's just no time" - these micro-dates can be injected into your day anytime!

The power-truth® Journey



Sometimes you're broken open.

because you are ready to take the "upgrade" and "Marie Kondo" any belief that steals power and joy,

because you are ready to commune with the very "moreness" of your being,

because you are "seeding" a wholehearted life,

because you want to know a kind of science not seen under a microscope - the science of your purity and spark.

So being broken open is not punishment but a massive gift. You're catching up to the part of yourself that says yes to all that which brings you into direct alignment, closer to your power and truth -  your power-truth®.





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When we show up more fully, we mirror for each other our true selves, thereby strengthening the "whole" self - where we are showing up with all of who we are and experiencing our full capacity as human beings. This is true interconnectedness, living in togetherness, community, harmoniously.

I want to say to everyone who is learning to reclaim sovereignty over their own life more each day.

I admire you

Download this Admiration Love Letter and give it to someone you admire!

To the person who so valiantly seeks change.

  • I admire you.
  • I admire your desire to grow.
  • I admire your capacity to heal.
  • I admire your courage to share your story-so honestly.
  • I admire your search for understanding.
  • I admire the stages of your journey-and I am grateful for the opportunity to play even a small part in it.
  • I admire your perseverance in your pursuit to step into your greatest expression of yourself.
  • I admire your desire to (re)discover who you are and the questions you aren't afraid to ask when the enigma of all that is you is felt.
  • I admire your unique inner power that can deeply touch another human being-as you have me-may it be a constant reminder of the value you bring.
  • I admire how you hold your struggle with openness, transparency, and a readiness to receive.
  • I admire the person you wish to be-that you *already* are but need only to remember-reclaim.
  • I admire your recognition of needing something more-and your ability to connect with yourself more deeply than before.
  • I admire how you're learning to accept uncertainty as you seek inner-outer guidance to do the right thing, make the right choice.
  • I admire the imperfections that are perfectly yours, each presenting a new way of seeing-a path only you were meant for.
  • I admire your doubt and fear, which also can be found in me and every human being-may it be a reminder to be kinder to our fragile parts and see the gift in interconnectedness.
  • I admire you-we are the same.