Fully Expressed Desires

You will often discover that hidden beneath the shallow breath, reactionary tendencies, chronic pain is a silent — desperate — plea.


When you direct your attention inward,
you are allowing the conditions for reviving an unexpressed part — unmet need.
It may start with a feeling of restlessness.
It may show up in a physical way, a migraine, back pain.
Your body is always speaking to you, and asking for you to notice your way of engaging life.


What was an amorphous yearning shapes
into a hunger to express a part of yourself that you are waking up to.
You begin to hear the call beneath the emotional or physical pain;
You begin to hear the plea in every misaligned choice that takes you further away from who it is you wish to be.
Don’t deny, reach, hide. Stay, watch, be. Allow a feeling to rise into a realm of opportunity and ask, how can I honor this unexpressed desire?


When you ask, the answer will begin to stir within.
There’s a force conspiring to help you parlay your deepest wishes into an outer reality-destiny.
But you see, it’s not the kind of plan that you’re accustomed to.
It doesn’t come with an instruction guide or a list of steps to follow.
The actualizing of “soul-needs” happens outside time and space, in the synchronicity of openness and availability to what is unfolding and unfurling beyond what the human eye can see.


It’s this precise process that often gets interrupted by old ways of being, fears and un-serving beliefs.
You begin to question your moment of illumined insight — your sudden rapture with truth.
You see all the ways in which your “soul-cry”
will disrupt a familiar style and the roles you’re married to.
You see all the things wrong with an “inconvenient” desire.
So you cut off this part of yourself that was on the brink of being expressed.
After all, you’re a neophyte in trusting mystery, and the notion that a field radiating infinite possibility could reside inside of you.


This tapestry of wonder waiting to be explored doesn’t operate under paradigms or control.
Your fears have no relevance here.
Such vastness cannot be bothered by your worldly concerns, for this blissful dwelling place only knows how to meet your willingness to expand.
Hence, the answer can only arise in the place of allowing, where reason and rational are like barricades and blocks to standing in the light of your fully radiant self.


Your desire didn’t emerge complete, shaped, or understood.
It appeared suppressed, caged, hungry.
It came to you in the only way it could, through suffering and neglect, an acquired mindset.
So then your innate guide accessed inside and coalescing forces must support you with “grounding” in your rhythm.


Now is the time to take up the language of 𝒃𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒈, allow your deepest desires to be seen, and see yourself as worthy-deserving of expressing every part of who it is you are—realize that you are here to express. Period.
When you are hit by inspiration, let the feeling penetrate to the inner core of your being.
Discover yourself again in the wondrous feelings flowing into you, and observe a deeper connection with Self;
Then you will integrate the aliveness that this felt desire brings forth.


You’re always being pulled, however subtly, to explore parts of yourself.
And you can embark on this journey of self-discovery without having to do anything outside of simply being.
As a new felt experience-feeling becomes part of you, then you will be led.
You will match the quality of your inner state.
You will naturally run toward things that mirror what’s already being expressed within, and you will do it with abandon.
You cannot deny what you already are, and what you are is what drives your pursuits and attracts people and situations into your life.
You will realize just how boundless and free you can be when you are fluid in the language of BE-autiful.
This one simple practice is key to reclaiming your authentic expression.


~ Amy-Noelle



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