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Reclaiming your most powerful self often means taking one conscious step, then another, and another, to intentionally dance with life.

The truth is you have already seen what your power can do. If you've...

  • had a panic attack;
  • said yes to energy zappers;
  • stayed at unfulfilling jobs keeping you playing small;
  • kept toxic people around and felt joyless; or
  • found yourself reacting to life, and things only got worse...

You've seen what your power can do

The question to ask yourself is: Have you seen what you want your power to do ?

What if your power could

  • Create trust in yourself
  • Intuit the next right move
  • Release Fear
  • Free you completely

In my practice, I have seen so many people who dedicate years to mastering a life that they do not want. This life often has been designed by un-serving beliefs — and fear.

Therapy + Coaching is a place for clients to uncover the layers of inauthentic living. In therapy, clients learn to design a life that propels them forward and moves them toward their 'passion goals.'

Amy-Noelle has been endorsed by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, New York Times Best Selling Author, Recurring Guest on Oprah.


Practical Meets More Approach

There is more to cultivating well-being than having just pragmatic solutions to problems or emotional heaviness. It requires transcending any practical goal of relieving symptoms or reducing stress levels and considering the whole person through a holistic lens.

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My friends always ask me, “What does your therapist tell you to do? I tell them she doesn’t tell me what to do or not to do – that she doesn’t “restrict” self-wisdom. She opens it. One of the greatest things I have learned from our work together is to tell a “truer” story. I’ve learned to not give pain a narrative. When I practice this, my body wisdom will start to reject what’s not good for me or what no longer serves me


Therapy client

Hi Amy-Noelle I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help. Our sessions together felt like a flu shot for the body of our marriage. You helped us to be proactive about focusing our energies on fixing the small issues that might have multiplied and infected our relationship health over time. I sincerely believe that this is true and that my marriage is stronger now than it was six months ago. I think our communication skills, the way we manage our negative feelings and our strategies for handling tricky family members have all markedly improved. Thank you for everything you have done!


Marriage counseling client

My husband and I started seeing Amy-Noelle because we were having some issues in our marriage. We’ve only had a few sessions with her and we’re already seeing big improvements in our communication and the way we interact with each other. There’s more gentleness and softness, which allows for more love. I can’t wait to keep the work going to see how much more our relationship can grow and evolve


Coaching client

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