Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Author of "The Conscious Parent" and "The Awakened Family"; Clinical Psychologist

“Amy-Noelle exemplifies what it means to be a guide to one’s higher evolution and deeper truth. She is an expert in helping individuals find their authentic voice and uncover their highest potential. She is a blessing to anyone she works with.”


Suzi Lula

Author of "The Motherhood Evolution"; Spiritual Counselor

"If you seek to uncover your authentic self, connect with your powerful life and live your destiny, Amy-Noelle is your perfect guide. Amy-Noelle walks her talk with grace, authenticity -- and the wisdom to assist you to live this way. Call her now!"


Rachel Sullivan

Director of Global Sales Training for Zeltiq Aesthetics

"Talking to Amy-Noelle feels like talking to an old friend who is completely safe and ready to hear what's going on in your life. I am someone who doesn't open up easily so this is imperative for any therapist I choose to see. Empathy is equally important to me because I need to feel as that no matter what I bring up, no matter how shameful or even insignificant, it is safe to expose. Of course, the first time you are vulnerable with a therapist is when you discover just how non-judgmental they truly are. With Amy-Noelle, vulnerability is celebrated in a way that makes you feel empowered for digging that deep to expose something shameful. She then delicately helps you carry your vulnerability about a given issue and, together, you arrive at the heart of the matter. All of this together is what progressing in your life and living wholeheartedly is all about. Amy is a dependable thought partner who will guide you to your truest self and help you on your quest for true connection with yourself and the relationships you care about most in your life."

"She is a master who will change your life!"


Chau Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer at Houston Area Women's Center

"Amy-Noelle and I met when we were both beginning our professional practices. Since then, I have had the honor and privilege to watch and witness her counseling work bloom. Amy-Noelle is truly a gift to anyone who is seeking understanding and help, no matter the struggle. Amy-Noelle is committed to her clients, possessing a unique ability to connect on a deeper level very few can. I can attest to Amy-Noelle’s spirit of authenticity, compassion, and boundless nurturing. She is the embodiment of a true connect in every sense." "Amy-Noelle is an amazing soul and a wonderful blessing to those who seek healing."


Allan Schnarr, M.Div., PhD.

Why Amy-Noelle? Amy-Noelle and I spent a year together in the depths of ourselves, learning how to be of service to others. I just sat for a moment, brought Amy-Noelle to mind, and asked myself what words fit with her. Like a wave these came: present, authentic, courageous, passionate, loving, wise, whole.


  • Present: Amy-Noelle cultivates present centered awareness. She is tuned in to what is happening inside and between herself and others.
  • Authentic: Amy-Noelle has done the work of facing herself, and has no need to hide. She lives in the truth with herself and with others.
  • Courageous: Amy-Noelle has made peace with fear. She readily and steadily tests it, and moves through it. She does not shy away from worthwhile risk.
  • Passionate: Amy-Noelle is deeply devoted, with bountiful energy, to what matters to her. She follows through until she is satisfied.
  • Loving: Amy-Noelle has a heart of gold. She is kind and true. Her embrace is a spiritual experience that will hold all of who you are.
  • Wise: Amy-Noelle is devoted to learning. She has a hunger to understand. She has been learning for many years while living deeply, open to the full range of experience.
  • Whole: Amy-Noelle continues to open her awareness to the fullness of life, to body, mind, soul, and spirit, to self and other, to pleasure and pain. All this she integrates through a mind and heart that are well connected.

Simi Gandhi

Director, Client Account Management

"Amy-Noelle is professional, open, engaged and honest. She communicates effectively & boldly, allowing you to look within and beyond. Her experience, engagement & interest make you feel safe, strong and equipped. She provides the necessary tools and walks you through the change you need to experience at that moment. Amy-Noelle’s natural zest for life is contagious and she is exemplary of how perception of a situation can change the entire outcome. She will walk you through real-life situations and examples, with patience, grace & virtue. She is gifted with an intuitive sense of offering herself without expectations and boundaries. Her guidance and follow through allow you to be vulnerable, tap into your own essence and create your own powerful outcome. I love talking to Amy-Noelle and feeding off of her positivity and radiance." "She empowers you to be the best version of yourself!"


Kinnari Desai


"Truth. Wholeness. Happiness. This is Amy-Noelle, a woman who was born to help others ... and who sometimes does it without even knowing she has made an impact!" "She exudes healing with an approach all therapists should use to serve others. She is one that always practices what she preaches. She doesn't just walk the walk and talk the talk ... She embodies the walk, and embodies the talk." "Amy-Noelle is to therapy what composers are to music. Composers don't just use their minds when making music, they personify it with their entire being." "Amy-Noelle can help anyone become complete by becoming the best version of themselves. She has a Jene se qua that allows one to openly release. Her abiding acceptance allows anyone to understand and love themselves. She is the queen of self-compassion, and her own fortitude that led her to this path manifests in her ability to only help her clients. She will not disappoint. She will only accelerate well-being." "If all the world's a stage ... Amy-Noelle helps fill this stage with standing ovations. I know she has already done so for me."


Renee Reece


"In a culture where "life coaches" and therapists are a dime a dozen, it can be difficult to sift through the random list of options your current insurance deems within their network. The process of searching for a therapist who can guide us back to our best self, someone who can reflect our own life lessons so that we can make healthy choices and heal our relationships, is daunting." "Amy-Noelle possesses the true gifts of compassion and innate wisdom that gently guides one to their own conclusions. She is empathetic and full of passion for helping others realize their path to happiness. Because of Amy-Noelle and her influence, I feel full of gratitude and greater peace. I feel more confident to take risks in my relationships and career, and most importantly, remain true to myself. Anyone searching for someone who can truly listen, someone who is both compassionate and genuinely kind, would be lucky to have Amy Shih in their lives."


Sandra Fazio

Conscious Parent Coach, Author, Founder of The Conscious Parent Blog

"It comes with no surprise that the meaning of “Amy” is synonymous with “beloved” (dearly loved, adored, highly regarded) and so it is with my cherished conscious parenting colleague, Amy-Noelle. Personally, Amy-Noelle is an incredibly devoted mother who is raising a bright light (her son, Bay) and through their Divine oneness, they are enlightening each soul that crosses their path through their infectious spirit. Her love for her son exudes through every fiber of her being. This inevitably translates into the impact she makes with each of her clients equally. Amy’s intuit gift of “knowing” and connection makes her beyond exceptional as a therapist. She offers her clients a safe and trusting place to land with her warmth, heart and trusting guidance. Her ability to help one heal and deepen their self-awareness is both transformative and liberating. To be in the company of Amy-Noelle, is as natural as being with a friend who holds the space for you as you unfold -- free of judgment."


Michelle Rodrigues

Academic and Scientific Liaison, PhD, PharmD

"I have learned so much from Amy-Noelle and believe that I was led to her for a reason. Amy-Noelle is one of those rare individuals who truly cares and believes in your inner power. She has an amazing ability to help you uncover your authentic qualities, allowing you to recognize your extraordinary potential to live in plenitude. She is also sensitive to cultural differences (I'm Brazilian.) I will always be grateful for her deep comprehension of my life. I have great respect and admiration for this uniquely-gifted woman. Her impactful personality and positive energy are both healing and contagious!"


I found Amy-Noelle after being hit by an emotional bus -- unexpected, incredibly painful. She helped me hold steady while I pieced my life back together. She never failed to impress me with her rare combination of warmth, kindness, insight, and sensitivity to the issues I was facing - all without judgment. She has an amazing way of listening and drawing out information that helps identify viable solutions to whatever challenges may be in the way. She also provides insight and information that helped expand my thinking. So many times after spending time with her I felt calm and uplifted. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a counselor/coach/therapist.