About Amy Noelle

Relationship Therapist, MA, LPC

From working with many clients and listening to them share their greatest life challenges, I have seen that there is a similar “intangible” struggle. I look beyond the stories. I see where there is unprocessed emotional pain. I see the veils and masks and coverings that can stifle joy.

In my practice, I have seen that so many people dedicate years to mastering a life that they do not want. This life often has been designed by erroneous belief systems — and fear.

I find an opening to help uncover the layers of inauthentic living.

“We yearn to experience a true connection within.”

With every peeled back layer, we can see with greater clarity where our “emotional charge” or reactivity comes from. After all, the emotional charge serves a fundamental purpose. This charge is what remains in the absence of real understanding.

The more that we learn to live from our truest selves, the more we can recognize where we are not honoring our purest wishes. Through a daily mindful practice, we can learn to notice where we are out of alignment with our life-affirming values, or where we are not living as our most authentic selves.

We all have a desire to find our own rhythm and hear our inner melody. We want to draw the curtain and step into our power truth. We want to live purposefully and wholeheartedly. We yearn to experience a true connection within.