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Amy-Noelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Relationship Therapist, Life Coach and Founder of power-truth®. She has over 10 years of clinical experience in helping individuals and couples grow into the fullness of their potential.

About Amy Noelle

Relationship Therapist, MA, LPC

Our stories can hold conditional truths - they often aren't the deeper truths that have the power to liberate you from false ways of being. How you choose to story pain has transformative potential.

"When you give yourself permission to see what you most deeply desire, in moments when you are alone and not caught up in the pursuit of this-or-that, you are practicing Self Love, Self Compassion. You are inviting in a universal truth:

Love is free.
Enoughness is free.
You already had it,
and it awaits you.

Permit yourself to... "


One of my clients said, “I give myself permission to be OK with me. I already tried on other people’s beliefs and realized it was making me miserable.” ⠀

Another client said, “I give myself permission to not be a super-entrepreneur.” This client recalled the “utopia” he felt when he went to summer camp and he was a nobody. “Why was it such a liberating time?” he asked. Then he recalled how he loved learning about people and being “inquisitive.” “I want to be that person again,” he said with an earnest voice. ⠀

I asked him what need or belief he was hanging on to. He said that he had a need to “wow” people, albeit at the cost of tremendous stress. ⠀

My client was able to recognize that the utopia he deeply desired to feel again was waiting for his permission.