This much-loved Power-Truth® quote can now be yours. Every word is imbued with loving, powerful manifesting energy to remind you of your own Truth and Power - that is, your luminous and unstoppable Power-Truth®.

A little girl so “alive” in her own skin, connected to her True Nature. She can see her future self: A woman who knows who she is, embodies her intrinsic worth, embraces her strength, sexiness and power. She is you. You are her. A powerful being and change agent, a new rising consciousness, a whole self: who. you. are.

The artwork is by the well-recognized artist Andrea Daniel.

Words that appear on image:

The new Beauty is
The new Hot is Self-Compassion;
The new Sexy is Essence-filled;
The new Envy is Centered;
The new ageless is Aligned;
The new Must-Have is Flow;
The new Non-negotiable
is Spiritual Freedom;
the new Love Language
is Self-discovery;
the new Craze
is Consciousness;
the new Successful
is Alive;
the new thing to Chase
is Tiny Inward Shifts;
the new Confident
is Awareness;
the new Woman
is connecting to her