When we align with the mystery of life, we can experience Oneness and interconnectedness with all life. We are choosing to have a pure relationship with the Now. That is, we do not judge the situation or wish this moment to be anything other than it is. Instead, we enter the moment with full presence and accept what is without trying to project our stories onto reality. We allow each moment to naturally unfold, and we respond to whatever emerges from an “as-is” place. We can then see that the “as-is” place is ripe for gratitude. The more we accept the “isness” of this moment, the more we can accept every part of our humanness. The more we accept and love every part of ourselves, the more we are able to reciprocate to others unconditional love.

By fully engaging in the moment, we can feel more connected and intimate with the world around us. We can feel grateful for every experience and new way of seeing. We’re able to live from our natural joyful state of being.

The more that you can see magnificence everywhere, the more you will see yourself. Do you know how magnificent you are?


“Believe: That this little life is beautiful.

A flower blooms and is …
Beautiful when noticed.

A beautiful life must be noticed.”

Quantu Mechanics says that when you observe nature, you influence its behavior and change the outcome. So “noticing” is a superpower!