We feel most powerful when we are able to live in our Big truth (with a capital T). I like to call this our Power-Truth®.


Power-Truth® is a daily devotion to reclaiming your power and truth: your power — that is, your real power — IS your truth and your Truth IS your unstoppable(!) power.


Here’s what you will get from Power-Truth® “Therapy Coaching”, the way to living your Power-Truth®:


The TOOLS to extract and transform bogged down ways of being that are not propelling you forward and moving you toward your ‘passion-goals.’

The TOOLS to deliberately and consciously disrupt old patterns, so that you stop suffering needlessly.

The TOOLS to access your signature rhythm and establish an authentic dance with life — that is uniquely your own.

The TOOLS to become your most loyal ‘pain-pal’ so that you learn to hear the plea beneath the discomfort.

The TOOLS to approach life with powerful ‘yes energy’ — yes to expanding and yes to READYING yourself for something different if change is what’s needed.

The TOOLS to redirect negative thoughts and manifest — “thinkafest” — your deepest desires.

The TOOLS to level-up to your most powerful self and live a Power-Truth® life.

The TOOLS to begin intuiting your calling — your inherent “power tool” — rather than deciding your place in the world. This is how you can make consistent ‘heart-choices.’

The TOOLS to hold your story in the highest room — where narratives hold the power to become your true wishes actualized.


Are you ready to step into your Power-Truth®?


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