Body Science

Body Science

Every experience, every emotion felt – and not felt – lives in the cells of our body. 

Children are resilient: when they can process difficult moments; when moms and dads dare to say, “I messed up” and cultivate emotionally-corrective experiences; when children are not left to themselves to fill in their own “meaning” or “story pain” –  how unprocessed emotions get trapped in the body. Children are not resilient to this outcome, for this false way of being cannot be their true nature. 

And so the parent-child relationship hinges on the parent’s ability to see the relationship as a radical awakening journey of healing, growth, and transmuting their own emotional pain – that they have “storied” and still carry – into an integrated being, in which every part fits into a “whole self” and balance is restored. 

When this becomes apparent, we are far better equipped to help our children stay grounded in who they really are. 

There is nothing we can give our children that is more essential to their intuitive intelligence than our intentional seeking to bend toward their true nature, their already enoughness – and to know our own worth. 

I love watching the confidence, freedom, and light expressed through my son’s form. It’s a reminder never to stop working on myself.

It’s remarkable to witness how your body also holds You – your light and joy and essence. This magnificent piece of you never leaves. Your body is its keeper and always awaits you like a devoted lover.