Science Versus an Agenda — Sovereignty Questions

Science Versus an Agenda — Sovereignty Questions

Growing up with a Jewish mother, Christian father, and Agnostic stepfather caused me not only to feel confused at various times throughout my childhood but also spurred me to question belief systems rather than blindly adopt them. I wanted to understand where beliefs, traditions, and values originated. I felt Jewish around my Jewish family and Christian around my Christian family. Then, I gave up religion and preferred spirituality. And now, I focus on my relationship with my own source connection and living in alignment with nature’s principles. My stints working overseas helped me embrace diverse belief systems, values, and ways of worshiping, and to see the sovereign part of ourselves, where we all feel connected. It was this quality I possessed that allowed me to work in a Catholic parish as a psychotherapist, even though I was not Catholic, and at a Christian Counseling Center when I didn’t identify as Christian. I discovered that the innate sovereign aspect of who we are wants the same thing:

To be free.

Free to create

Free to express values, beliefs, and opinions

Free to love

Free to share, build, gather, and celebrate

Free to dream

Free to enjoy and practice reverence for Mother Earth

Free to experience physical life in your divine body and protect your body apparatus via your inner guidance.

In graduate school, I studied clinical psychology. I learned that science is never definitive and should be questioned. I also knew the mental health field had to overcome egregious mistakes. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders once classified Homosexuality as a mental illness, for example, and conversion therapy was practiced. Imagine if no one had questioned this pseudoscience.

I also knew in my heart that patients were over-prescribed psychotropic medication. My heart — a different kind of intelligent system and divine science — knew these drugs were harming many people. I didn’t need the data to prove it — which we now have. This is the sovereign part of myself, which we all possess, that has natural abilities like intuition, a connection with nature, Source, God — whatever you want to call it — and the ability to tap into the gift of Mother Earth, direct knowledge gained from being aligned with nature’s principles. This kind of science cannot be studied under a microscope.

When pure science comes first, then data-driven science is in the right place. That is, the intention to do good for humanity comes first. Not money, power, and control.

Our innate desire to be free has a vested interest in discovering how the body can heal from illness and disease so that we can stay true and connected to our inner aliveness. We enjoy innovation as an expression of our infinite creative selves. We don’t intentionally harm life or people when science is born from our pure minds and hearts. But when science is not pure from the outset, we can manufacture harmful, even “dark science.” Agendas are about greed, power, and control. This is not in alignment with nature’s principles. It goes against our very nature and our sovereignty.

It is dangerous when science pretends to have more authority than our sovereignty. When science tries to play God, this, too, is dangerous.

When science comes from pure intentions, then it is an extension of our authentic power, creativity, and brilliant minds.

Tobacco companies used to say cigarettes were good for you. When people started having severe health issues, and medical experts discovered cigarettes were the cause, the tobacco companies tried to deny that cigarettes were the potential cause. To cover up the substantial evidence showing the damaging effects of smoking, the tobacco companies paid scientists to say smoking tobacco was good for you — the government supported these paid scientists. This exemplifies how science can be exploited to serve an agenda. Anyone can find this information; it’s all there, so don’t take my word for it.

We now all know that smoking is not healthy for you. Imagine if we had just gone along with the tobacco companies and scientists who didn’t have pure intentions. If science were in the right place, in this instance, if human care came first, they would have discovered that smoking was harmful and informed the public immediately. There would be no pushback. There would be no covering up or deceit. When science can be paid for, then WE CANNOT TRUST SCIENCE.

History repeatedly shows instances of drug and pharmaceutical companies not taking responsibility when a product is proven to cause adverse reactions, having a blatant disregard for the safety of the people, and even using manipulation and coercion to keep their product on the market, knowing very well about the harmful risks. It takes a courageous group of people who care and are willing to put themselves through the rigors of litigation to bring change.

Look at the agenda behind things and who is behind them.

Another example where science failed to uphold human care is in the case of the drug Thalidomide. It was introduced as a sedative and anti-nausea medication for morning sickness. This drug caused thousands of mothers to have babies with malformations and disabilities. The drug companies vehemently denied it and said it couldn’t be the drug. They refused to look at the mounting data proving what honest doctors were observing. But eventually, the developers of this drug had no choice but to admit to the harmful effects Thalidomide had caused on so many children. If these drug developers’ intentions were pure, they would have wanted to look into it when doctors began studying it, realized it wasn’t safe and had thousands of mothers come out with their stories. But the apologies only came after the drug companies responsible for distributing Thalidomide had no choice but to withdraw the drug. We see examples of this repeated all too frequently throughout history.

Anyone with pure intentions does not mind being questioned.

If a drug company learns that its product is causing people to get sick or have adverse reactions, then a healthy response would be to listen and see what’s there. Added due diligence would ensure that their product isn’t causing harm.

No matter how good something sounds or how convincing it appears, it does not necessarily mean it is good.

We must all remember that our sovereignty and purity inform moral and conscious science. When science begins to strip us of our freedoms, we are no longer talking about science. This is an agenda. And we need to see it as such. This is not real science if a doctor is defamed by the medical director, for example, for questioning a treatment protocol. This is an agenda. If someone says this drug, shot, or protocol caused them to experience negative symptoms, a healthy response would be, “I’m going to look into it. We need to see what is happening here.” To say, it can’t be that and outright condemn the person for even suggesting it, Is Not Science. This Is An Agenda.

When there is no representation from renowned medical experts, doctors, and scientists with conflicting data, research, and views than the narrative being pushed, then there isn’t informed consent. People have the right to know the risks and the benefits before deciding to put anything into their bodies. When there is a deliberate effort to hide information and censor dissenting opinions, it is an agenda.

Real science does not try to hide information. On the contrary, real science has a genuine interest in creating good. Real science welcomes healthy debate. Real science is created from our purity — our flame of light and spirit. And when real science is upheld, we can develop miraculous, beautiful things.

Agendas Feed on Your Compassion and Empathy

I started observing how agendas depend on your empathy, demanding you do something and masking the real agenda in the name of something that appears righteous and good. It can be confusing and challenging to find the truth when you keep hearing the same message from advertisements and networks funded by the same people pushing a particular narrative. So when someone tries to twist your arm to do something and proclaims you need to take this if you want to be a good person, parent, or citizen, this is a huge red flag. If anything strips us of our right to choose, our right to question, and our right to be our own investigative journalists, we should take heed and ask the question: what’s the agenda?

We need to be careful not to be prone to willful blindness.

We must all pay attention, question, and observe the tactics used by agenda-based science. Are you defamed for questioning the narrative? Are you being gaslighted? Are you guilted and shamed into doing what they claim is best for you? These bully-like tactics are unequivocally and undeniably harmful. They are a violation of your freedoms. Real science does not intentionally harm, coerce, manipulate, shame, discriminate, or threaten to take away your very livelihood if you don’t comply. The moment we believe this is okay, we need to take a step back, create some distance, see where we have fear and plug back into our sovereignty. We mustn’t forget who we are.

I believe in sovereign science. I trust sovereign science.

Nothing else is more important than protecting our freedoms.

I hope to see more doctors, gurus, leaders, politicians, and spiritual teachers saying no. This is what we need more than anything else in these times. NO ONE IS EVOLVING IF THEY AREN’T FREE.

Remember that real science comes from our purity, ensuring our intentions are always in the right place.

When we exploit science to fit a narrative and assert more control, let’s call it what it is: an agenda.

Originally Posted on Medium on April 7